name: Phil Leanio

Country: United States

Fire Dept: San Francisco

State: California

Years on job: 31 glorious years

Rank: Chief

Description: Killed the dragon and going home.I have spent 32 years in the fire service with 31 years with the San Francisco Fire Department. I entered the San Francisco Fire Department in 1974 and retired in 2005 as depicted in the Maltese Cross "Frisco Fire" thirty-one years. This tattoo has me going home holding the dragon's head, headed to the
"Golden Gate Bridge" leaving the city. Beside me, I have my two guardian angels. One of them has watched over me for thirty-one years, as I leave the department without any major injuries or complications. My other angel is going to watch over me for the next 31-years of retirement. The
cityscape includes Coit Tower and the Transamerica Buildings.Frisco Fire Forever Loyal

Tattoo Location: Sleeve; lower right arm

Year Inked: upon retirement, 2005

Studio: inky cells tattoo co., Santa Rosa, CA

Artist: Dana Tyrell

© 2006